Jaxon Turns 7

Wow. Saturday was a fantastic day for my son Jaxon. He turned 7. When they say, your children are not little for long. It’s so true. I can remember everything from when I found out I was pregnant with him. Jaxons such a special human to me. 12 months before I had him, I suffered a miscarriage. I never talk much about it but it is somthing I never forget. When I found out I was pregnant with him. He became my rainbow baby. I was so scared for everything and worried any little twinge was something bad. Now I look at him and he’s 7. In the blink of an eye.

Two years ago, we planned his 5th birthday party. He was so excited. His theme was Mario! He loved Mario cart at the time. We all know what happened in March 2020 so you can imagine he has waited 2 years to have another party planned after the pandemic.

We love everything Marvel in our house. I’m addicted as much as he is. His favourite character is Spider-Man. Just before Christmas we went to see the newest film No Way Home. It’s brilliant if you have not seen it yet! Of course the theme for his party was no way home with sprinkling of Miles Morales. (he is not in the film)

I love party Planning so I always look around for good ideas and find things myself that won't look cheap but done good without the price tag. I started off with his backdrop. In the past I have used companies to come in but someone recommended me a company called Parties and signs https://partiesandsigns.com You can use their own templates or make your own. I chose my own images to go on and make Jaxons. Good thing is you can keep them. Next was the balloons. We visited Mgc wholesale https://www.mgcwholesale.co.uk. They are based in Liverpool not far from the Liverpool docks. I picked up some sempertex balloons https://www.sempertexeurope.com/en/latex-balloons/crystal-2 and some qualatex https://us.qualatex.com/en-us/ balloons too. I mixed between 5inch, 12inch and 30 inch balloons. I alway use a balloon pump its much quicker to use. You can find on Amazon very cheap. Next we hired the number 7 from numberstoyou_liverpool on Instagram.

When it came to the cake. We left this up too http://lickylipscakes.co.uk/gallery/childrens-cakes.aspx you are more likely to find her over on Instagram much easier. Any cake we get from Licky lips is completely demolished immediately. They always taste so good. Along with his normal cake, we ordered two tray bakes to cut up and put in the children's snack bags, The kids loved It. Inside the snack bag I ordered a children's sandwich platter. For future reference I am not sure I will do this again. Simply the reason being, the sandwiches wasn't great for children palettes. When you are aged between 5-8, is tuna or egg sandwich tasty? I also popped some party rings inside which are great as they are vegan for anyone who is dairy free. The bags I used was from Amazon and they just folded over and had enough room inside.


For sweet boxes I seen this idea a few years ago. I used some left over red ribbon from Christmas, purchased the sweets from home and bargain, ordered little clear boxes also from Amazon.https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08THCJPW9/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s04?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I also ordered 50 stickers from eBay to pop on the front. I really think they looked super effective and expensive.

Finally the entertainment is always the highlight at our parties. Jaxons been lucky to have Alladins cave many times over the years and we have visited them lots at other parties they have been at too. Steve, Karen and gang put 200% into all their parties. I cant recommend them enough, all the characters, mascots games they do are fantastic. Parents leave feeling they have had great time never mind the children. They really do book up quickly so if you want to use them book in advance wayyyy advance. https://aladdinscaveentertainments.co.uk

So that leads me finally onto Jaxon turning 7. He had a fantastic day. Best day ever he said. I do love party planning but if you have the time and effort to do so, try if you can. Keeps your costs down but where not possible I recommend many companies I have in the past used so pop any comments below if you need to know and I will let you know

thanks again for reading

love to you

Jayne xx

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