Restless nights

Its 2.09

After they turn one, you think they grow out of waking in the night. Don’t get me wrong not all babies do I guess. My sweet angel has been poorly for about 2 weeks now. She started nursery roughly 3 weeks ago. My Elsie is 19 months, she is a fantastic sleeper. Absolutely loves sleep. 7-8.30 every night. Jaxon was a different story. For Elsie though she is a lockdown baby. She has been through 3 lockdowns and I think some parents may agree, the coughs and colds are knocking these babies out. The doctors tell you it’s viral but you pray they give you anti biotics. It just seems to prolong it.

This week me and her dad thought she was better. Within 15 minutes of being back at nursery she vomited. Now writing this she is tired and agitated. Elsie has never been a sickly baby at all but it seems to be when she is, It hits her hard. She had two rounds of severe hand foot and mouth back in September in which she now has scars from. 2 weeks in and I am hoping the sleepless nights will fade. It's tough I know so many mums with children who don't sleep at all just in general

I salute you

Enough said at this hour

Good night xxx


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