17 Life Changing tips parents need to know about travelling on a plane with infants and Children

It might be your first time travelling with your little one. After 15 years of airline experience and also 7 years of motherhood has taught me a lot of need to knows that will be helpful! I have travelled pretty much most places and also travelled with my own children and learned new things myself. Here are my 17 top tips for new parents or parents who want to know more!

  1. Dont pack all your nappies and milk in the hold. This can also include food and snacks. Carry spares with you in your changing Bag or cabin baggage.

  2. Keep your pushchair until you reach the aircraft! If your little one is small I highly recommend a baby carrier like the Baby Bjorn or alternative.

  3. Bottle fed babies. At some airports you can pre order milk and nappies airside to collect. You can also take your milk with you but will be subjected to security checks. Here is an example for Manchester Airport.

  4. Some airlines may let you warm milk or collect some hot water onboard. Just ask the crew once you get on the aircraft.

  5. Take spare clothes for you and baby. For early mornings I wouldn't bother changing them out their pjs until they are awake later or inflight (gives you a opportunity to keep them busy then) also similar for way home. Keep in routine with pjs, sleep bags etc also for nightflights.

  6. Snacks are great but make sure nothing is chokable and are always safe. Pringles are a nightmare and are very messy in the carpets so avoid where possible. Tubs and containers are great to store so food doesn't leak.

  7. Charge devices, bring power bank as back up and make sure any downloaded programmes and games are working. Headphones are a good idea so you don't disturb other passengers and also noise reduction headphones for any children with additional needs.

  8. Games, activity books and sensory toys for your little ones that they have never seen before are great. Show them for the first time after take off. Perfect toddler one on amazon is shown below in the picture..

  9. Keep your bags organised to grab things with easy access. You don't want to be stuck in your seat with seatbelt on for turbulence and a screaming baby.

  10. Spare pillows, blankets and anything comfortable to sleep with. Just don't overwhelm yourself with too much and keep it simple and easily accessible.

  11. Trunkies are a great idea but dont get much inside. They are heavy, large and the children get fed up easily with them. You will be the one carrying it. A small mini suitcase is perfect for older toddlers to pull themselves like this mini suitcase from amazon .

  12. Feeding or dummies are an essential for take off and landing for their little ears.

  13. If your little ones cries or becomes distressed try and remain calm. Its not uncommon for other passengers to look or stare but whats important is that you dont worry about it. The environment is like no other, loud and noisy. Always worth asking the crew if any spare seats or if is there anywhere you can stand safely to calm and reassure for a short time to calm your little one.

  14. Once onboard ask where the baby changing is. Make your life a little easier and organised for when the unexpected happens.

  15. If you have an infant on your lap it may be worth asking if there is any spare seats you can purchase or locate to. Depending on the airline you may be able to move for free.

  16. Grandparents are always useful to bring.

  17. Dont be stressed, be organised, have a checklist and enjoy your trip.

If you want more travel tips please pop me a message through my contact form https://www.jaynelouisephotography.co.uk

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much love

Jayne xxx

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