Pregnancy Cravings?

So I started a topic over on Jayne Louise Photographys instagram stories and also Facebook page about pregnancy cravings. Now sitting their reading the replies I was giggling to myself. I think funniest one ive read is drinking the juice from the Jalepeno Jar. My first pregnancy I never had cravings as such but if I seen something I liked or thought about a certain thing I had to have it. This pregnancy has been different. Ive been a vegetarian or should say pescatarian for 2 years. The last thing to go was chicken when I was easing my way off meat. This pregnancy has just abolished it all. Ive been eating burgers like its going out of fashion. Literally didn't even realise it must be craving of mine!! Even when McDonalds opened last week, I sent the hubby for Big Mac haha. Now looking back at the chicken that I was phasing myself off. This time returning to eat meat I tried some chicken a few weeks ago and I spat it out. It tasted disgusting. Just shows how your body reacts. I of course must be craving red meat, I am not ashamed to say it but im sure ill go back meat free once I've had the baby. Its just another story to tell...

Happy Sunday xx