Pregnant in lockdown

My first blog! I thought I would share some things I am missing right now in regards to my business. My clients coming to see me, sharing pregnancy and birth stories, and most importantly getting to cuddle and take images of your precious newborn babies. Like my clients I am also pregnant and my third trimester is fast approaching. To be truthful my second trimester has been fabulous. Lots of energy but the added problem of nowhere to go. Walking in the park or woods is great but when the weather is rubbish its not so inviting. Its has been so windy this week lets hope our sunshine comes back which makes it so much nicer during this uncertain time. We are all in this together and lets hope where almost at the end of lockdown. This is my second pregnancy so I know the third trimester is going to be a tiring one. By the end of phase 3 I hopefully will be able to open my new studio. I just have one added conundrum, I will be finishing for maternity end of July to have my baby girl in August so I have lots of clients to fit in before I finish. Tips I can give for this week is, make time for yourself, sleep, look after your skin, be thankful and try not to get too distracted like me. Haha. My next blog will be an update on my new studio. I am just waiting on fire safety checks and cctv and then I am good to move in all my new studio items in preparation to have your baby boys and girls in with me.

Happy Sunday

Jayne xxx