New studio Update

7b Baileys Lane is roughly 75% complete. It has been around 8 weeks now since we got the keys and started work. There is still so much to do inside but it is a working space right now and is working fine. So far we have 2 stud walls. The back end needs to be still finished with a stud wall opposite side completed. This end will be where my props will be stored along with outfits and backdrops. I also have a Hollywood mirror in this area for the mummy’s to come along and get ready if they want.

The outside signs should finally be put up this week. I cannot wait. Anytime I’m in the studio locals ask me what’s its going to be. I was stopped in the street walking away yesterday and much to the neighbours delight it’s wasn’t another hairdressers haha. The outside still needs a lot of work. I have already painted it from Grey to sand but it needs another coat.

Moving onto to painting. I decided I wanted to paint the wall navy. Instant regret now after also buying a matching sofa. I cannot remove the sofa but I will be re painting the wall again at some point as it is just too dark for the lounge area.

The toilet is almost complete. I have used some stick on tiles to make it look a little nicer. I have made a few errors with them and typical me never read the instructions. But it looks good. Flooring needs to go down which is like tapestry. The kitchen however is a work in progress. I haven’t even touched it.

Currently writing this with one eye open it’s been a tiring week. Anyway that is a updated version on the studio for now. I will write up another blog in a few weeks on hopefully a completed studio

lots of love


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