My New studio, or is it?

What another beautiful week we have had. Sunshine, Bbqs and blow up paddling pools. Maybe cocktails for some of you but non alcoholic for me :-( This week I have finally got my fob and pin to my new studio!! Ive been so excited for soooo long. On visiting I was somewhat disappointed. The space the location and everything is completely fine. Just a few small things need sorting out. I have been waiting for this studio to be built from scratch. Just like a new build house. When I visited with majority all complete my white washed wood floor was actually tiled carpet and the tenant from the next office space has decided to leave his stuff in mine. How rude!!! Mistake on their side of course. With the impending opening this month since 10 weeks of lockdown I am waiting again for these small things to be fixed before I can make it the studio of dreams. I will you keep updated on the progress of the flooring. I was hoping to move all my brand new storage and props in this week but its looking like another 2 weeks. Currently resembling a office and not my studio, Fingers crossed it will be soon

Much Love

Jayne xx