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Becoming a parent for the first time is exciting and life changing. For some it can be nerve wracking, worrisome and stressful as well. As a first time parent, we have to Google everything, what do we need, what pram shall I get, what clothes do they need, how do I feed them, what do they sleep in, what’s my birth going to be like, what do I do when I get discharged from hospital? These are just some of the questions we often ask and always wonder. But one thing many people forget to do or even think about is capturing beautiful newborn images once they arrive.

Labelling something is always an expense. Why? Large companies love to cash in on impressionable and young new parents. Things like the latest pram that does wheel spins and loop the loops or cots and cribs that feed your baby whilst also making you a coffee. All jokes and sarcasm aside, newborns are expensive and newborn photography can be too. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure there is fantastic photographers out there who do a wonderful job at much lower cost than many out there. How I look at is, we value are work and are expertise. Unlike prams, cots, clothes the latest dummy’s and bottles which come and go. A photograph is timeless and will still be there long after your children are grown and maybe as morbid as it sounds we have gone too. You just can’t put a price on it.

That leads me onto why you should book a newborn photographer and in particular a newborn photographer in Liverpool. So your sweet newborn baby has arrived and you have took some lovely first pictures of them on your phone. You have new mum fuzzy brain. Baby brain as many like to call it. You leave your phone in the local supermarket toilet where you have just been trying to quickly nip the loo whilst the baby sleeps. It has fell out your pocket onto the floor but you was in such a rush you didn’t notice. An unsuspecting passer by finds the phone a short while later. Thinks they have Christmas come early. Much to your dismay and baby brain. You never backed up your phone, you never updated your Facebook recently as your too busy with your precious newborn and now you have lost all the images of the first 3 weeks of little Jonnys life. Now I am not saying all new mums are like this (I certainly was). This scenario is a complete and utter disaster. This leads me onto why booking a newborn photographer is perfect opportunity to capture them first weeks. Like I mentioned earlier, a photograph is timeless and is capturing a moment in time. Imagine having that experience. Booking a newborn photographer isn’t just a luxury but it’s a none negotiable in my opinion.

Many photographers in your area have mostly similar processes. All have different styles so you should always book which you prefer and that suits you. My process is a journey from booking right up until your receive your images.

The Process booking Jayne Louise photography starts with the initial enquiry for dates and availability. Once you have had your 20 weeks scan I normally ask for you to get in touch. We can discuss any concerns or questions you may have. Once the the booking deposit is paid, I then invite you, your partner or anyone else who is taking part in the shoot into the studio for a booking consultation. This is the opportunity to meet myself the photographer and likewise you and your family. We can discuss any concerns, questions you might have and go over styles, colours and props you may want. I also like to run through any of my images that catches your eye off my website or social pages. All my packages can be found on the website and we can run through each of them at the consultation. Finally this is your chance to view all the wall art we have on offer in the studio and any styles that would suit your home. Some pieces may not suit your home so this is a great opportunity to have touch and feel for what you like. I always emphasise on printing your images as we often get distracted and forget in the midst of our newborn bubble and keep them on the cloud or on our mobiles.

Once baby arrives I usually ask for mum to send me a email within 24 hours of having the baby. This then ensures we get you and baby in within 3 weeks post birth. At the shoot we will then run through all the sets and styles we discussed already. Some things may have changed So we can always implement something different if you want. During the shoot, you can relax , watch tv, connect to Wi-Fi eat snacks whilst I take wonderful newborn pictures. If you are taking part you can also bring along a makeup artist and hairstylist if you wish as I do have a beautiful Hollywood mirror and area to get ready in. At the end of the session we discuss the next available date to view your images.

Around 2-3 weeks after shoot, but can take a maximum of 6 weeks depending on working galleries that month, you will be invited back to sit and watch your beautiful slideshow of your newborn baby. During your viewing you can select and choose your images and upgrade your package. This is also your opportunity to purchase wall art for your home. Once you have done this and everything is paid. Wall art is collected around 3-4 weeks from the studio. Each lab is different and some are quicker than others.

I hope this answers all your questions in booking a newborn photographer. In regards to Jayne Louise Photography this is the service we have on offer and hope all my clients like the journey they come on once they have booked with us.

If you think I have missed anything off, please feel free to email me or pop a comment below

Thanks so much

Jayne xx

Liverpool newborn photographer , portrait photographer and luxury maternity photographer based in South Liverpool North West

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