Almost there...

Good Morning my lovelies. What a crazy couple of weeks we have had in the world. With so much uncertainty, negativity and sadness we can only hang onto some hope. Hope that people will be kind have courage and respect each other. We are all one.

Covid19 is such a dark cloud I can see the sun coming through ever so slightly and we have to remain positive. From tomorrow my studio can officially open. Hurrahhhh but typical style of me, there is always a set back of some sort. My floor should be complete in the studio this week after I wasnt very happy with my carpeted one. (I cant pop a emoji on but if I could it would be embarrassed one covering her eyes haha) Im expecting my first client in 24th June and newborns from 4th July. Like most business I have to adapt to the current situation and all clients will too. I am so looking forward to having my clients in. I will only be working a month and then I will be finishing myself for maternity. We are almost there and yes changes are happening and probably will be like this for while but lets keep positive, be kind to each other and respect. Lots of love on this rainy Sunday

Jayne xx